Maria Pessino AKA Maria BacardiIn 2013 Maria Pessino changed her artist and stage name to Maria Bacardi and began a singing career. Please click to see Maria Bacardi's new works and events on her website



Maria Pessino AKA Maria Bacardi was born in Cuba in 1957.


She left Cuba as a young child, grew up and was educated in Europe. She has been living in East Hampton, New York, since 1990, with her children.


She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Oddfellows Playhouse, a not-for-profit artist’s theater company, which instigates new work and uses alternative indoor and outdoor stages throughout many locations in the Hamptons.


Maria PessinoIn the past thirty years, she has played numerous roles in many theater productions in New York City and in the Hamptons including Woyzek by Georg Büchner, at BAM directed by Robert Wilson, One Thousand Avant Garde Plays, by Kenneth Koch, Cote d’Azur Triangle, by Harry Kondoleon, Joan of Arc, by Uni Dahr and John Morrow, Behold and Reflect and Systole and Diastole by Maria Pessino, The Lost Lesson by Joan Marie Moossy, as well as directing many productions of Oddfellows Playhouse.


She is founder and honorary co-chair of the Community Board of Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center and spearheads a multitude of theatrical workshops involving the East End youth.


Maria is a singer as well as an actress and in addition to developing theater works, Maria Pessino constructs magic environments inside boxes –Troves-, shown in numerous galleries of the Hamptons and New York City.


She holds a Bachelors Degree of Arts from New York University in Drama Therapy and Psychodrama.


In 2013 Maria Pessino changed her artist and stage name to Maria Bacardi and began a singing career. Please click to see Maria Bacardi’s new works and events on her website



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Oddfellows Playhouse is a not-for-profit theatre enterprise, whose mission is to extend the meaning of theatre beyond existing expectations and create an environment for the active participation of artists of all ages and diverse talents from the Hamptons.


Unencumbered by the responsibilities of a permanent home and a year-round staff, Oddfellows has produced many original plays at numerous venues in the Hamptons, including the Watermill Center, Guild Hall, Benson–Keyes Art, Long House Foundation and Gardens, Fotouhi Fine Arts East, Arlene Bujese Gallery, LTV studios and Plum Studios.


This small, Neighborhood Company operates without the safety net provided by government/private grants or major sponsors. Oddfellows must rely on our community’s generous private and tax-deductible contributions in order to create its productions.


Please make your checks to Oddfellows Playhouse

and send to 99 Old Stone Highway, East Hampton, NY 11937.


Contact Maria Bacardo for theatrical commissions.


Board of Directors

Consuelo Baehr, Dianne Benson, Michael Braverman, Manije Mir Damad, Ellen Frank, Naomi Lazard, Kenny Mann, Lys Marigold, Maeera Mougin, Gabrielle Raacke, Cati van Milders, Robert Wilson.

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Trove: a collection of delightful and magical objects


The Troves that I construct are small stages where fragments of drama are crystallized into fine-tuned emotional optic sentences. I enjoy suggesting a dynamic tête-à-tête between symbols inside the Troves or give a visual voice to a lyrical phrase. I have been compelled to the assembly of substances such as appealing found objects and semi-objects, pigments, surfaces and paints since I can remember. As a child, I started to fashion these little contained universes with 3 dimensional symbols, because I did not believe that I knew how to draw well enough. I do not have any formal education in the Fine Arts. Rather, I owe my artistic awakening to the small and dusty stuffed-wildlife displays under glass that I saw in my childhood visits to the Museum of Natural History in Madrid, Spain.


Selected Exhibitions

Maria Pessino has exhibited her Troves in an array of galleries in the Hamptons, since 1990, including:

Renee Fotouhi Fine Arts East, Elaine Benson Gallery, Ashwagh Hall, Guild Hall, Benson-Keyes Art, The Watermill Center, Hampton Road Gallery, Arlene Bujese Gallery and Karyn Mannix Contemporary.


The Troves are for sale. Prices are upon request.
Unavailable troves have an asterisk *.

For inquiries about availability and commissions, please contact Maria Bacardi.


In the collections of . . .

Robert Wilson, Dianne Benson, Lys Marigold, Jacqui Leader and Peter Creegan, Renée Foutouhi, Carolina and Christian Crews, Irving and Naomi Benson, Mae Mougin, Lori Ayers, Teri and Kevin Kennedy, Pati Uto and Michael Schatz, Lorena Borjesson-Casas, Lisa Trivell, Jerry Lindzon, Cati van Milders, Sarah and Washington Duke, Luly Duke, Rina and Takis Anoussi, Lisa Clampitt, Oriana Steele, Tom La Grassa, Elaine Grove, Ariane Ferrier, Karrie and Trevor Wright, Viviane and Humbert Camerlo, Patrick Ferrier, Dominique de Cock, Gabrielle and Gordian Raacke, Jeff and Bunny Dell, Kameron and Ivana Steele, Jack Lenor Larsen, Susan Doukas Brady, Liz Temkin, Elena Gomez del Campo, Robert Verchic, Glenn Cuyjet, Dan Romer.



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