Maria Pessino AKA Maria BacardiIn 2013 Maria Pessino changed her artist and stage name to Maria Bacardi and began a singing career. Please click to see Maria Bacardi's new works and events on her website




At the Long House Gardens Foundation in East Hampton, NY



A site-specific collaborative theater performance piece, conceived, directed and designed by Maria Pessino and co-choreographed with Ivana Catanese. Costumes by Carlos Soto.

Your Wait in Gold is an exploration into the mysteries of Alchemy and the Processes of Transformation.


Safety Dance by Makram Hamdan Dance Company

Jennifer Dunning of the NY Times described Hamdan’s presence on stage as a “free spirit and mysterious beauty…” Originally from Lebanon, Makram Hamdan’s emigration to Portland, OR as a teen, initiated his dance training. Subsequently, he graduated from the California Institute of the Arts. Another emigration to France launched his professional dance career, notably with Jean-Claude Gallotta, CCN de Grenoble. While in France, he also began working with Robert Wilson as a performer, then, as choreographer and assistant director both in Europe and at Wilson's Watermill Center in Long Island, NY. With a strong desire to design gardens, he established Makram Hamdan Designs, and began creating grand scale gardens for private clients. Currently living in Brooklyn's vibrant arts neighborhood of Bushwick, Hamdan founded 49B Studios, an artists' residence loft and exhibition space and recently curated his first exhibition titled HOME-LAND for BETA Spaces 2010 and co-presented with ArteEast.

In December, Hamdan worked with visual artists Laura Schwamb to create DESARROLLAR a gallery exhibition and one hour solo performance at Center For Performance Research.

Performed by Makram Hamdam and Jean Freebury

Music composed by Rudi Butchart.

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Restoration Dance by The South Wing, directed by Kameron Steele

Since 2003, The South Wing (TSW) has endeavored to create theatre which embraces the challenges that language, culture, genre and tradition present to 21st century global society. TSW's viscerally engaging performances are generated via the shared vocal and movement "grammar" which the company continues to develop through their vigorous training laboratory. As the TSW style continues to take shape, the company's goal remains to be the creation of stories that appeal to poetical, political, intellectual and bawdy tastes alike, ultimately offering an opportunity for the audience to imagine the human experience in a new perspective.

Performed by Gillian Chasdey, Craig Dolezel, Jessica Green, Sophie Nimmannit, David Ponce, Ricardo Reithmuller, Nate Shenkkan.


Children’s Poetry Dance by Kevin McWha Steele

Performed by

Jordan Bachler, Adriam Madlener, Dominique de Coq, Claudine C. Elian, Riley Goldstein, Nancy Mullinelli, Kevin McWah Steele, Abbyquin Nanci-Ross, Evan Thomas, Elaine Grove, Jordan Bacher, Riley Goldstein, Elaine Grove

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